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Tara founded Abridge Consulting based on a simple, but not easy, goal – to get more people, more help, sooner. She believes we can all learn how to be a bridge between people struggling with their mental health and getting them the support, they need and deserve. Abridge Consulting clients are organizations and teams who are ready to invest in their people, culture and bottom line.

With a strong background in learning and facilitation and a passion for workplace mental health, Tara spent several years as a Corporate Wellness Manager. During that time, she championed workplace mental health and overall employee total health for 6,000 employees by building enterprise-wide strategies for mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellness. The results of her workplace mental health training program were closely measured and outperformed similar organizations across Canada positioning her as an industry leader in workplace mental health.

Tara calls herself a “relatable” role model who does the best she can to invest in her own mental, physical, and sleep health but like most of us, she knows she can always do more. Tara is a busy working mom of two, a previous semi-competitive tennis player and has big plans to conquer the amateur senior’s tennis tour someday.

Watch: Tara Adams, Panel Member for The Globe & Mail presents Navigating Mental Health: Protecting Employees in the Post Pandemic World (Sept 2020)

Key Points:

  • Bridging the gap to achieve workplace mental health
  • Let’s get more people, more help, sooner
  • Learn how to be a bridge for people to find the support they need & deserve


  • I Got Mind: Certified Trainer for all corporate IGM courses.
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada: Certified Trainer for The Working Mind for Managers and Employees, Certified Trainer for The Working Mind for Coaches and Athletes, and Mental Health First Aid Certificate.
  • Centre for Suicide Prevention: Certified Trainer for SafeTalk, Certificates in ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, SafeTalk, and Start.
  • Queen’s University, Mental Health Leadership Certificate.

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