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Whether you’re a business or a professional organization looking to support the communities, or a community organization seeking collaborative programming, you will find CKWA to be the ideal partner in your ambitions.
At CKWA, we know the value of working together!

Since 2011, we have been partnering with various community organizations in Calgary for collaborative programming and have learned a lot about working through community collaboration. and bringing people together for harmony and understanding out our vibrant cultures.

We break down barriers, get involved, and collaborate across cultures to provide opportunities to communities to come together in harmony, learn and understand about our vibrant cultures.

We would love to work with you if you are:

  • Passionate about what you do and bringing the best outcomes to your community.
  • Want to learn and grow.
  • Share the same values with us!

Partnership Opportunities

At CKWA, we believe in long term relationships and offering different partnership models for different groups and individuals. We are welcoming partnerships with organizations and businesses with the following options.

‘Strength in Unity’ Community Partnership Program

CKWA has always believed that our strength lies in establishing long-term partnerships with communities in the province and stakeholders.

Over the years, we have had many collaborations with Asian communities in Alberta which allowed us to learn and grow as an organization.

We believe that by working together, communities in Alberta can not only help build each others’ capacities but also have cost-effective programming and offer opportunities for their communities to come together from time to time through joint events bringing harmony and a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and traditions.

‘Prepare Future Today’ Youth Engagement Program Partnership

Collaborate with us to develop a program for your youth-related activities.

We will work with you to help meet your objectives to engage youth in the community through various activities and programs. We have many ways to collaborate:

  • Joint programming for Spring and Summer camps
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Internships with partner organizations
  • Virtual events

To learn more about our customized programs, please contact us at

Other Ideas?

We love creative people as partners. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll talk!

To learn more about our programs, please contact us at

How It Works!

  • Submit your interest in partnering through an online form or email us at
  • Discuss our partner opportunities to explore the collaboration model.
  • Select the program and sign a partnership agreement.
  • Submit material for the partnership page on our website (your logo, description of the organization/business, short write-up of your organization)
  • Add CKWA logo and blurb on your website.
  • Work together for a social media strategy.
  • Launch partnership!

We look forward to working with you!

Advertise With Us

Contact us at for details.

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