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Hello! 안녕하세요!

Welcome to our website.

It is my great honor to serve as the founding President of the Calgary Korean Women’s Association. What started as a small team of a handful of volunteers committed to organizing opportunities for Korean women in Alberta has become a strong organization with a track record of community building and support initiatives. From the initial handful, we are now a fast-growing organization of over 300 members and an amazing volunteer base.

We are focused at present with an enhanced passion to serve our community in the difficult times of COVID-19 which has presented unprecedented challenges for families and communities. Our immediate priority is to be focused on providing support to our community. We are making concerted efforts to ensure that we provide our community with all relevant information and resources that can help them cope with the pandemic. Our recent project collaboration “Act2EndRacism” with the ACCT Foundation and funded by the Canadian Red Cross is an example of our commitment.

As a growing organization, our mandate is to provide opportunities for women in our community for coming together, learning from each other, and being aware of their potential and how to utilize it to become their best selves and be responsible citizens. As President, I am passionate about building the capacity of the association as well as of the community so that our women can learn to lead by connecting with others, learning from each other’s experiences, growing their own potential, and becoming confident, and inspiring others with their example!

We are planning a number of new initiatives and events for the year. You will see a number of opportunities to participate in leadership development, professional development programs, mentoring program, as well as networking opportunities. I would like to encourage you to stay connected with us via our website and social media to know about the launch of the programs, whether you are a senior level, mid-career professional, a new graduate, or a student. With your support, we can grow together and achieve great things for our community!

On behalf of the CKWA Board, I thank you for your support and encouragement. We could not have reached the milestones without your participation and support. I invite you to join CKWA as we explore new areas to serve our community, cultivate new collaborations and partnerships, and make lasting connections. We are excited about our future directions and hope that you will join us in meeting our goals and mission. Look forward to meeting with you soon.

If you need support related to COVID-19 or any other matter, please contact us via the contact form on our website or email us.

Stay well, stay safe, stay connected with the community!

Anna Ko
President, CKWA

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