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The ‘Bridging Gaps: Supporting Seniors Through Healthy Aging, Engagement, & Safety’ project is being launched to support seniors with information, resources, and opportunities for networking so that they are aware of the best ways to take care of themselves, their spouses, as well as to equip them with knowledge and strategies to better organize their financial and other matters and to know how to protect themselves from harm.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.


Project Background

This project is a timely opportunity to engage seniors to share useful information with them and organize activities that would make them feel energized, fulfilled, and connected to the community. The activities are under the themes of Inform, Engage, and Support.

A key focus of this project is to help seniors learn the basics of technology (computer skills, using texting and social media, and group forums) to connect with their families and others to grow their network. Another important activity is to engage seniors in mentoring activities with youth.

Through the activities covering 30 weeks (April to December 2022), it is expected that support and engagement will result in equipping the seniors with lasting healthy habits, understanding of health and other challenges they face, knowing what to do, and gain skills to take better care of themselves, and feel greater connectedness with their peers and the younger generation.

Discussion topics are geared toward the needs identified through several community surveys, focusing on well-being, such as physical activity, healthy eating, behavior modification, and stress management. We believe that the project will create a stronger sense of belonging for seniors and provide greater networking opportunities.

Project Sessions

The project consists of sessions for seniors to help them with information, resources, and networking. The following sessions will be covered:

Information Sessions:

  • Mitigating Risks Of Financial Abuse: Understanding Wills and Power Of Attorney
  • Seniors’ Benefits and Pensions
  • Knowing The Basics: Human Rights Of Older Persons
  • Combating Social Isolation: Staying Resilient During The Pandemic
  • Ways To Volunteer: Options And Interest Gathering
  • How To Manage Life As A Caregiver?
  • Defining Elder Abuse & Strategies To Cope
  • Managing Mindfulness: Emotional Awareness & Well-Being
  • Coping With Loss: Overcoming Adversity & Setbacks
  • Transform Your Health With Nutrition: Healthy Meal Planning
  • Internet Safety, Financial Scams, And Other Crimes
  • Planning Forward: How To Make Your Savings Last
  • Ordering Groceries & Food Online: Basics
  • Improving Memory: Keeping Your Brain Active & Healthy
  • Mindful Downsizing: Small Spaces Tips And Finding Joy While Letting Go
  • Access To Services, Tools, And Resources To Remain In Homes Longer
  • What Are Alzheimer And Dementia?

IT Training Sessions:

  • Useful Apps for Seniors
  • Using Social Media Forums (Facebook/ Instagram)
  • Technology 101: Using MS Office, Emails, Social Media, Zoom, Etc.
  • Tools For Reconnecting Virtually During The Pandemic

Physical Activity Sessions:

  • Gentle Pilates Practice for Seniors
  • Silver Taekwondo: Skills & Practice for Seniors

Activity & Networking Sessions:

  • Stress Management Through Arts
  • Stress Management Through Music and Singing
  • Learn Traditional Korean Dancing

Fireside Chat (1): Seniors’ Experience On How They’ve Coped Throughout Pandemic
Fireside Chat (2): Seniors’ Experience On How They’ve Coped Throughout Pandemic

Volunteer Activity (1): Community Check-In: Calls, Surveys To Check With Other Seniors
Volunteer Activity (2): Community Check-In: Calls, Surveys To Check With Other Seniors

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